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ExecuPrime Wellness Centre

ExecuPrime Wellness Centre has a highly trained and experienced team of professionals comprising of social workers, psychologists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, medical experts and practitioners, as well as software developers, system architects, project managers and an experienced management team.

ExecuPrime Wellness Clients Have Full Access to:

Our Wellness Specialties


Physical Wellness


Psycho-Social Wellness


HIV/AIDS Workplace Management


Executive Coaching


Disease Management


Mobile Clinics


Financial and Socio-Economic Wellness


Community and Social support involvement


Behavioural Risk Assessments


Safety Management

ExecuPrime Wellness Model

ExecuPrime offers a unique Employee Health and Wellness solution that is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. From as little as R45 per employee per month, the emotional, physical and mental health and well-being of your most valuable assets will be taken care of!

Why Choose ExecuPrime Wellness Centre?


NO minimum staff-number requirements for including employees in our Wellness Centre

All of our psychologists, social workers, counsellors, doctors, nurses and general health professionals are registered with the HPCSA and/or the SACSSP.


ExecuPrime Group is registered with Employee Assistance Professionals of South Africa

ExecuPrime Group’s Wellness Centre and its associates are all fully accredited and registered

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ExecuPrime Group is proudly associated with various health care experts and professionals who have shared a list of their personally written articles, blog pieces and newsletters with us. See below for available content pieces.

*All rights reserved. The content of the articles, newsletters and blog pieces below are the property of the cited author/s/company/s and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions and methodologies of ExecuPrime Group.

Articles by Calibre Clinical Consulting

ExecuPrime and Calibre Clinical Consultants are partnering to bring our Wellness Clients top quality telephone and online counselling services.

The articles below are published with permission from Calibre Clinical Consultants. Visit to learn more.

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