Assessment Centres are usually used to spot talent in any Recruitment process. The outcome of the assessment is always used in conjunction with other selection methods such as interviews to make selection decisions more scientifically sound. When
designing a competency assessment battery, we always advise our clients to identify key non-negotiable competencies required of any job, and the level at which these competencies have to be displayed. This information then assists us in deciding which combination of tools or approach to put together in determining the desired competencies.

Development Centres focus on an individual’s learning and development, which ultimately enables the candidate to perform more effectively in the current role and preparing them for possible future roles. This approach addresses a longer-term organisational need and focuses on the inherent potential of each candidate.

The importance of Competency based and Pre-course assessment is the first phase of understanding training needs and ensuring that any training provided is relevant and applicable. Execu Prime only offers assessment tools and techniques that are registered and recognised by the HPCSA in order to ensure their applicability to the South African environment.

Depending on the level of the position assessed, the purpose of the assessment, and the nature of assessments tools used, the assessment centre process may take the duration of one or two days.

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