VO Value Orientations

Value systems can be likened to complex belief systems about what is desirable / important, and what is not. These valuing systems represent core intelligences that guide your behaviour. Such values impact on all your life choices, by acting as a decision-making framework. It pertains to more than merely the content of one's thinking: it provides a structure for thinking. 

These valuing systems act as both organising principles and modes of adaptation, albeit that you are not always conscious of their existence. It can also shed light on the origins of your frustrations and/or bring your ambitions and aspirations into focus. Awareness of the valuing systems others adhere to can also facilitate interpersonal understanding and communication whilst limiting the possibility of misunderstandings.




      • Worldviews and life assumptions.
      • Perceptual orientation.
      • Value systems.
      • Stress indicators and stress-related behaviour
      • Profile strengths and Weaknesses
      • Individual and company Audit

Administration: 1 hour
Results: 48 hours

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