OIP Occupational Interest Profile

The Occupational Interest Profile measures seven fields of interest and five work needs. It can then produce a comprehensive report making recommendations of suitable careers for the respondent. If the OIP is administered in conjunction with the General Reasoning Test Battery, the report engine can also take ability into account when generating an integrated report on suitable careers.

The OIP is partially based on the pioneering work of John Holland in the area of general career themes. In addition the OIP also includes personality characteristics, which assesses how well suited individuals are to different environments. Thus, Personal Qualities and Career Interests are presented in this assessment.


      • Personal Work Needs
      • Personal Qualities
        • Interpersonal Style
        • Thinking Style
        • Coping Style
      • Career Interests
      • Occupational interests
      • Suggestions for occupational Exploration



Administration: 1 hour
Results:48 hours

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