MP Motivation Profile

This measurement technique involves a “card game” based on the selection of archetypes / metaphors / roles. The following aspects are tracked:

      • The roles you tend to adopt and reject in your life in general, your work and your interpersonal relationships
      • Your motivation in terms of prioritisation, emotional involvement and control
      • Your awareness of the implications of your choices



      • life scripts: prominent themes reflected by your preferences, behaviour and decisions as well as their underlying mechanisms
      • shadow index: the degree of awareness of your own psychological complexity
      • transitional indices: readiness to adjust your world view given contextual factors
      • self report on your life, work and relationships
      • “head”, “heart” and “feet” underlying to motivation in your life, work and relationships
      • “front stage” and “back stage” in terms of the Spiral Dynamics theory
      • emotional intelligence as perceived by others given your role choices
      • energy themes
      • defence mechanisms and potential developmental options
      • Belbin, MBTI and Giotto constructs reflected by your current choice of roles

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