MO Motivational Questionnaire

Many organisations believe that money is the biggest employee motivator. In fact motivators differ widely according to the individual, with aspects such as recognition, development and flexibility often of equal or greater importance.

        • Understand the link between individual motivation and employee engagement
        • Identify and manage an individual’s strongest motivators and demotivators
        • Improve employee motivation and engagement

The MO helps you measure the extent to which an individual is motivated by aspects such as:

      • Achievement and competition
      • Recognition and personal growth
      • Interest and flexibility
      • Progression and status


The Profile Chart
The MO maps the individual’s motivational drivers against a selected benchmark, highlighting any unique scores.

The Employee Motivation Report
Ideal for use by line managers and those concerned with employees’ performance and wellbeing, this report provides an in-depth and easy-to-understand evaluation of what motivates and demotivates an individual. It also offers a comprehensive list of tips and suggestions for managing the employee’s strongest motivators and demotivators.

The Candidate Motivation Report
This report allows individuals completing the questionnaire to understand what drives their own motivation and can encourage them to take greater ownership of their development plans.

The Motivation Pack
The MQ Report pack consists of the Profile Chart, Employee Motivation Report and the Candidate Report and is a cost effective way of ensuring that your organisation takes a comprehensive approach to understanding what motivates its employees.

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