The TeiQ Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire 

Measures emotional competence in the workplace. Indicates how well an individual is aware of and can manage his/her emotions and those of others

The TEIQue assessment provides you with a report and will help you to answer questions about your managers, including:

      • How aware is this person of their strengths and limitations?
      • To what level does this person modify their behaviour to suit changing situations?
      • How does this person react to pressure?
      • Can this person control their impulses when under stress?
      • Is this person overly cautious or prone to taking excessive risks?
      • How sensitive is this person to other people’s emotions?
      • Does this person excel at developing relationships?
      • How self motivated and adaptable is this person?


      • Global EQ score
      • Four factors of broader relevance:
        • Wellbeing
        • Self-control
        • Emotional skills
        • Social skills
      • 15 facets of behaviour:
        • Adaptability
        • Assertiveness
        • Emotion expression
        • Emotion management (of others)
        • Emotion perception (of self and others)
        • Emotion regulation
        • Impulsiveness
        • Relationships
        • Self-esteem
        • Self-motivation
        • Social awareness
        • Stress management
        • Trait empathy
        • Trait happiness
        • Trait optimism



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