GRTB General Reasoning Test

The General Reasoning Test assesses the ability to reason using words, numbers and abstract. It has been specifically designed to discriminate between candidates of average ability, whose aptitude is being assessed for general level employment and training. Tests such as the General Reasoning Test have consistently been found to be the best single predictor of both performance and trainability in roles that require a good level of general mental ability. Combining reasoning test scores with these tests can further improve the prediction of job performance, as can the use of job sample tests and structured interviews. In roles where experience and acquired knowledge are central to effective performance, it may be particularly appropriate to combine information obtained from reasoning tests with that obtained from these latter sources.

The General Reasoning Test assesses the candidate’s capacity (a composite of speed and accuracy) to perceive logical patterns and relationships in new material he has not previously encountered, and deduce the logical consequences of these (i.e. logical deductive reasoning). This incorporates the ability to: learn and understand complex new material; use logic to develop arguments that are rational and well-reasoned; deduce the logical consequences of a given set of rules, assumptions or relationships.


      • Standard report: the Standard Report provides a detailed breakdown of the respondent’s performance across the sub-scales using narratives and profile charts.
      • Supplementary reports: the information gained from this report can be used in conjunction with other supplementary reports. The supplementary reports available for the General Reasoning Test are:
            • The Group Report provides a summary of the respondents’ results across the sub-scales in the form of a spread sheet.
            • The Respondent Feedback Report is intended for sharing directly with respondents for their personal insight. It provides a breakdown of the respondent’s performance across the sub-scales using simplified narratives.



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