CRTB Critical Reasoning Test Battery

The Critical Reasoning Test Battery assesses numerical and verbal critical reasoning, which is a combination of comprehension and critical thinking. Test items take the form of scenarios with either verbal or numerical content. For the verbal test, respondents must judge the truth of deductions made from the paragraph contents, and for the numerical tests, they need to answer multiple choice questions based on the scenario and supplied figures. The scenarios are all relevant to the business world, which makes this test particularly suitable for occupational selection. The difficulty level is suitable for graduates and persons with some experience in a managerial role.


The Numerical Critical Reasoning Test (NCR2) measures the ability to understand and critically evaluate information presented in tables, and accurately use this information in a logical way. It can form a key assessment device for all managerial and technical positions which require a detailed understanding of financial, numerical and statistical data.

The verbal Critical Reasoning Test (VCR2) assesses the ability to understand semi-technical or business reports and draw accurate and logical conclusions from such written information. It can form a key assessment device for all managerial and professional jobs which require reliable interpretation of written reports and appropriate decision making.



Administration: 1 Hour

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