Board Performance Assessment (QUADBOARD)

A Board Assessment is the most effective way to ensure your board members understand their duties and utilize effective good governance practices. Assessments move your board and board leaders to the next level of performance. And if you’re like most, that’s something you want to do.

A board self-assessment is an efficient way to get input from all of your board members on how the full board is performing against generally accepted best practice standards and use that information to create positive change. It leads to a shared understanding of the board’s responsibilities related to compliance, accountability, financial oversight, and ultimately, setting direction for the organization. And it provides the framework for setting priorities that will maintain your strengths and will address those areas in need of improvement, such as fundraising, strategic planning, or perhaps recruitment.

The QUADBOARD Tool is a board governance, best practice assessment.  The assessment is completed by board members and indicates how they are performing in critical areas of board governance. 
Specific areas covered within the assessment include:

      • Board Composition
      • Board Committees
      • Board & CEO Compensation
      • Strategic Planning
      • Board Procedures
      • Board Interaction
      • Board Information
      • Board and CEO Effectiveness

Purpose of the BPA report:

      • Establish current baseline of board's performance
      • Identify critical gaps in key areas of board effectiveness
      • Measures degree of alignment among board members
      • Measures level of awareness of key board responsibilities
      • Provides educational program for board members' continuous education
      • Enables boards to quantify their interaction and effectiveness as a board
      • Complies with board self-assessment requirements


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