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Our assessment methodology offers an integrated yet flexible solution with responsive turnaround times. The most appropriate assessment batteries will be agreed upon in consultation with the client and will be aligned to the inherent requirements of the specific job.

The identified battery may include psychometric instruments that will focus on i.e. personality, capability, integrity and emotional intelligence. The battery should also, depending on the level of the job, include competency based assessments. The competency based assessments will potentially include simulation exercises such as case studies, an in-basket exercise, group exercises and role plays.




Where assessments are conducted for development purposes, Execu Prime Consulting will advise the client on the most suitable battery based on the specifics of the role and as aligned to the strategic direction of the organisation. A versatile and customised solution process that assesses individuals in the work context to ensure comprehensive analyses of skills, competence and underlying behavioural and personal characteristics will be proposed. The outcome of the development assessment will be an integrated development report that will include individual development plans. The development plans will, amongst others, include areas such as self-learning (areas that the candidate can address on his/her own), formal and informal training courses, coaching and mentoring.


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