coat-of-armsIn 2000, Cabinet approved a package of measure aimed at reforming the Senior Management Service (SMS) in the public service. The DPSA Competency assessment Project was designed to deliver on this approval. Our company, Execu Prime Consulting which is a 100% black owned entity, is elated to inform you of our appointment to a panel of preferred service providers to deliver on the DPSA’s Competency based Assessment Project. Since our appointment in October 2014 we have already serviced a substantial number of departments both Nationally and Provincially.

The new Leadership and Management competency framework for senior managers creates a significant dimension to both the qualitative and quantitative responsibilities of SMS members. Cabinet has approved that the competency assessments for senior managers be made compulsory from 01 April 2008. This significant decision has brought a new dimension of enforcing the expected demonstration of these competencies and where there are gaps, implement development through the systematic tracking on Personal Development Plans (PDPs) and the development programmes attached to them.

The Objectives of the revised competency framework are to:

  • Streamline the management competencies and provide the users with a thorough understanding of the leadership function and identify the skills and attributes needed to be a successful leader.
  • Understand the issues and challenges of anticipating, analysing, managing and implementing change processes.
  • Understand the issues and challenges of enhancing performance at the individual, team and organisational levels.
  • Understand how to develop new policies and to plan and lead the implementation of these within the organisation.
  • Review the essential skill sets leaders require to foster positive cooperation and coordination in their organisation.

The shift has been enforced by the global leadership trends and the demands for visionary and innovative leadership from public servants who can drive major strategic initiatives and position the country to win in a highly-changing environment. It is therefore expected from public service managers to rise to the leadership challenge perhaps more than it would be expected from the private sector leaders.

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